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• Sasha Spearling
Name:  Sasha Spearling
Nickname:  N/A
Rank:  Captain
Assignment:  Commanding Officer
Place of Origin:  Bataan Colony, South Pacific
Species:  Human
Gender:  Female
Age:  27
Height:  1.68m
Weight:  54.4kg
Eye Color:  Pale Gray
Hair Color:  Blonde
Other Physical Attributes:  N/A


Personal Biography

Spearling was born on Bataan Colony, a remote island community in the South Pacific. Bataan Colony was founded by the Minimalists, a small but fanatical group of humans who believed that technology was at the root of all humanity's woes. Members of the colony swore to forego any and all technology. Spearling's early years were marked by deprivation, hardship, and abuse -- later, following a cave-in at the family's earthen residence, she was the sole survivor of her family and made her own way from the age of 7. Fascinated by the occasional arrivals of supply/personnel ships that rarely visited the Colony, Sasha bargained her way aboard one at the age of 12. The particulars of this bargain are not known, but eventually the "Captain" of the vessel began to teach Spearling to pilot. Blessed with keen eyesight, lightning-quick manual dexterity, a risk-managing personality, and ultra-reactive reflexes, she took to it instantly and from then on flew anything she "could get her hands on".

Spearling eventually found her way to San Francisco at the age of 16 and took a position as pilot for an in-system courier service operating out of the city, by lying about her age. Jockeying for take-off positions and berths with Star Fleet craft for two years, Spearling decided that the service was the best place for a pilot. Her aptitude for fighter craft was discovered early at the Academy, and she was trained specifically for that position, graduating third in her class of 174.

Since then, Sasha has flown everything Star Fleet had to offer, including being a part of the test pilot initiative in the NX program. She actively participated in the recent modifications that upgraded the NX ships to FCL.



Starfleet Service

2157.04.25 - Retired from Active Duty -- Reason: Personal. Rank: Captain
2160.11.05 - Returned to Active Duty to accept Commanding Officer position onboard the FCL-04 Challenger.