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FCL - 04 Challenger A
(Technical Information for the Freedom Class Starship)


The Freedom class is Starfleet's only combat designed vessel from the keel up. With the primary function of the class being combat, she is lighter on science capabilities which limit her forward deployment with the NX class in an exploration role.


The mission of the NX Variant Class is to act as an ambassador for Earth in first contact situations, represent Earth interest, act as a first line of defense and to boldly go where no one has gone before.


Internal Layout

Essentially the Freedom is nothing more than an NX Class ship that has been stripped of some science and exploration capabilities in favor of more armor on her hull, more internal spacing to house larger weapons and larger stores of torpedoes. With the same number of phase cannons as an NX, the Freedom can more then out shoot her science aimed cousins due to housing better energy transfer systems, systems throughout the ship designed to handle the higher pressures of firing more powerful shots and that of having larger, more robust phase cannons.

The Freedom class also boast a torpedo magazine capacity that is double that of the NX class of ships in photonic warheads while keeping the same number of backup spatial torpedoes. This allows the Freedom in combat situations to be more aggressive with its expenditure of photonic warheads which pack many more times the firepower that any Starfleet ship can unleash from her phase cannons alone.


Development History

The NX Variant Class starship was designed with the primary intent of being a Warp 5 capable starship as well as an exploratory vessel. When the project was first proposed, Starfleet's current ships of the line at the time, ESS Enterprise NX-01, was proven outgunned in several skirmishes.

Starfleet's emphasis to the design teams was a vessel that would actually meet it's design specifications completely in science and performance capability, while having firepower exceeding that of a standard NX. With this in mind, the teams started with the design of the NX class starship, and improved the tactical capabilities of the vessel, as well as adding the experimental Supercruise engine, that is now deployed aboard all NX vessels, allowing them to travel at Warp 5 for long periods of time.

While the NX Variant class has no doubt not seen her last update, the class is continuing the strong tradition of Starfleet to carry the flag, represent Earth, her government and her people, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.



Heavy Cruiser (FCL) 


Length : 225 m
Beam : 136 m
Height : 33 m
Deck : 7


285,000 metric tons


Officers : 15
Enlisted : 67


6 x phase cannons, rated at 30 terawatts each
  • 2 dorsal
  • 2 ventral fore
  • 2 ventral aft

3 x Mod 3 photonic torpedo tubes

  • 2 ventral fore
  • 1 ventral aft

5x Mod 2 spatial torpedo tubes

  • 4 ventral fore
  • 1 ventral aft


Light Monotanium Single hull plus 8 cm Enhanced polarized armor

Low level Structural Integrity Field

WarpSpeeds          (TOS Scale):

Maximum Cruise : 4.7

Maximum Rated : 5

Impulse Speed:



Various Starfleet sensor pallets and arrays consisting of:
  • EM scanners
  • Graviton scanners
  • Lifeform analysis scanners
  • Subspace scanners 
  • Long-range sensors


  • 1 multi-discipline labs

Computer core:

  • One pre-duotronic computer core

Data network:

  • Standard Optical Data Network


1 transporter, approved for bio transport

2 Shuttlepods 2 Shuttlepods on 24 hours standby