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• Liza Rowe
Name:  Liza Ann Rowe
Nickname:  Liz
Rank:  Commander
Assignment:  Chief Medical Officer
Place of Origin:  Kansas, North America, Earth
Species:  Human
Gender:  Female
Age:  26
Height:  1.6m
Weight:  58kg
Eye Color:  Hazel
Hair Color:  Brown
Other Physical Attributes:  Hair typically pulled up in a braid


Personal Biography:

Liza was born and raised in Kansas, she graduated from high school, joined Star Fleet and attended the academy studying medicine. Liza is the second of three children who still reside near her parents in Kansas.

Liza spent her youth working on the farm with her parents. She learned about animal husbandry and this led to her interest in medicine. Liza's siblings describe her as a practical joker, and often tease that "it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for."

While at the academy, Liza met and fell in love with an engineering cadet, Keith Williams. They are still very close and have talked of marriage, but are willing to wait. Keith is currently assigned to Star Fleet command.


Hiking, reading and cooking.

Service record:

2154--2158 – Starfleet Academy
2158.03.19 – Graduates Starfleet Academy
2158.03.19 – Promoted to Ensign
2158.03.19 – Transferred to the NX-04 Challenger
2158.06.22 – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2158.09.09 – Promoted to Chief Medical Officer
2159.01.12 – Promoted to Lieutenant
2159.07.19 – Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2161.08.22 – Promoted to Commander


2158.03.19 – Awarded Purple Academy Ribbon of Excellence
2158.07.19 – Awarded Starfleet Superior Unit Award
2159.03.19 – Awarded one year Service device
2159.07.22 – Awarded Purple Heart
2159.07.22 – Awarded Preantares Ribbon of Commendation 1st Class
2159.07.22 – Awarded Silver Starfleet Cross
2159.07.22 – Awarded Star Award of Excellence
2159.07.22 – Awarded Earth-Romulan War Campaign Ribbon
2160.03.19 – Awarded second one year Service devic