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• Amanda Ragsdale
Name:  Amanda Ragsdale
Nickname:  None
Rank:  Petty Officer Third Class
Assignment:  Xeno-Archeologist's Mate
Place of Origin:  Boston, Massachusetts
Species:  Human
Gender:  Female
Age:  25
Height:  1.7m
Weight:  65kg
Eye Color:  Hazel
Hair Color:  Auburn
Other Physical Attributes:  None.



Personal Biography

Amanda Ragsdale was born Amanda McCleod in Boston, Massachusetts, the daughter of shop-keepers. She married Beau Ragsdale at 17 and was fully prepared to take up the life of a Boston matron. However, when she was 20 she met an archeologist at her husband's birthday party and spent the entire evening enthralled by his stories. She began a self-study regimen that left little time for anything else -- including her husband.

Finally, she applied to and was accepted by Starfleet Academy. Beau objected, but she defied his wishes and left for San Francisco. She sailed through the classes there, and was then accepted for further study at Jupiter Station. Beau again objected, but Amanda was adamant and made preparations to depart. Her husband became violent and an altercation ensued which ended only upon the arrival of the San Francisco Police Department. As Beau left for prison, Amanda left the planet.

Amanda separated from her husband and continued her studies. She graduated top of her class and applied for starship duty. The assignment to the NX-04 Challenger came through and she gratefully accepted. Although calls and letters from her husband arrive almost weekly, Amanda has turned her back on him and is committed to the ideals of Star Fleet and to her shipmates.