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• Cara Diane Nelson-Samad
Name:  Cara Diane Nelson-Samad
Nickname:  Tigger
Rank:  Commander
Assignment:  Executive Officer
Place of Origin:  Colorado, Earth
Species:  Human
Gender:  Female
Age:  27
Height:  1.6m
Weight:  58kg
Eye Color:  Green
Hair Color:  Dark Blonde
Other Physical Attributes: A tattoo on her right ankle of a teddy bear. A long scar on her left arm from her elbow to her shoulder (which is kept hidden most of the time)


Personal Biography:

Cara was born in Denver, CO. Her parents have a farm outside of Denver she youngest of seven children. Her Mom and Dad worked hard to make sure that they had a good education and were able to have the things that they didn't when they were younger. Her family gives the appearance of being happy, and for the most part they are. However things have been strained between her and her parents for the last five years.

She found in high school that she liked mechanical things and also that she liked hunting and shooting. Her older brother had been in the military for many years and she wanted to follow in his footsteps. Her Dad encouraged her to apply to Star Fleet so that she could satisfy her curiosity. Her Mom would have rather that she remained on Earth, away from the house, but still close enough to come for a visit. She did live with my parents until she was 21. After that the tension was too much and she left. Cara couldn't bear to see the sadness in her Mother's eyes when she talked about her older sister.

After Cara’s 21st Birthday, she became more of a loner. She worked as a social worker at a large hospital, but never really put any of her own ghosts to rest. Cara ignored them and they have receded and rarely effected what she did on a daily basis. Only when it gets really cold or she over exert herself do the ghosts come up. Cara got tired of hearing the same stories all the time about why certain things happened and decided that it was time for a change and the application she had filled out for Star Fleet was sent in and she went to the Academy.


In her spare time she likes being outside and meditating. She also likes to knit and cook when she gets the chance. It might sound old fashioned, but it was something she learned from her grandmother.

Service record:

2153--2157 – Starfleet Academy
2157.10.02 – Promoted to Ensign
2157.10.02 – Transferred to the NX-04 Challenger
2158.01.16 – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2158.01.16 – Promoted to Chief Engineering Officer
2158.06.22 – Promoted to Lieutenant
2159.01.12 – Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2159.08.29 – Promoted to Commander
2159.11.13 – Promoted to Executive Officer


2157.10.02 – Awarded Purple Academy Ribbon of Excellence
2158.07.19 – Awarded Starfleet Superior Unit Award
2158.10.02 – Awarded one year Service device
2159.07.22 – Awarded Purple Heart
2159.07.22 – Awarded Letter of High Commendation
2159.07.22 – Awarded Citation for Conspicuous Bravery
2159.07.22 – Awarded Star Award of Excellence
2159.07.22 – Awarded Earth-Romulan War Campaign Ribbon
2159.10.02 – Awarded second one year Service device
2160.10.02 – Awarded third one year Service device