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• Roman Martin
Name:  Roman Martin
Nickname:  None
Rank:  Chief Petty Officer
Assignment:  Damage Control Chief
Place of Origin:  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Species:  Human
Gender:  Male
Age:  27
Height:  1.80m
Weight:  89kg
Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Color:  Brown
Other Physical Attributes:  Stocky build.



Personal Biography

Enlisted in Starfleet at 17. Martin’s service began on small attack vessels, including the last Warp 3 ship in service, and taught him how to work with the oldest technology in space. He is a master engineer, capable of utilizing every last terawatt of power out of a warp reactor, and making emergency repairs with the minimum resources possible. His subordinates look up to him as their role model, on both a technical and leadership level.

Chief Martin is very close in age to Lt Cmdr McDonald, and it was primarily Martin who trained McDonald in everything he knew. Their relationship goes far beyond an officer-enlisted man level, and they both consider each other as best friends, and have faced many trials together with Challenger. Although McDonald would like to see Martin as a ‘mustang’ like himself, he is a committed member of the petty officer corps, and could never picture himself as one of ‘them’.