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• Hannah Grayson
Name:  Hannah Grayson
Nickname:  None
Rank:  Petty Officer Second Class
Assignment:  Boatswain
Place of Origin:  Boston, Massachusetts
Species:  Human
Gender:  Female
Age:  22
Height:  1.62m
Weight:  70kg
Eye Color:  Green
Hair Color:  Blonde
Other Physical Attributes:  None.



Personal Biography

Hannah was born in Boston, Massachusetts to a sailing family. Her mother’s a painter. She has a painting of a clipper ship in her quarters. She is extremely adventurous. Oldest of two her brother is considering joining Starfleet.

Her family has ties to a previous Challenger.  Ancestors of hers 300 years prior served on the British clipper ship call Challenger, which happens to be the ship in the painting in her quarters.