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• John Bushnell
Name:  John Bushnell
Nickname:  Jack
Rank:  Petty Officer Third Class
Assignment:  Master at Arms
Place of Origin:  Franklin, Tennessee
Species:  Human
Gender:  Male
Age:  22
Height:  1.75m
Weight:  88kg
Eye Color:  Blue
Hair Color:  Blonde
Other Physical Attributes:  None.



Personal Biography

John "Jack" Bushnell was born in Franklin, Tennessee to a pharmacist and a manager of a grocery store. He grew up with a love for country music and at an early age took up the guitar. After playing in a number of country fairs, Jack decided to try his luck in Nashville. While there, he played a number of gigs in just about every bar he could find. When he couldn't get any gigs, he decided to enlist in Starfleet.

Jack took the aptitude tests and found that he qualified for the Armory department. So upon graduation he was assigned to the Challenger. When Capt. Winter's was killed, he found himself among the four members of the Avengers. Since that time Jack has found that his martial abilities have steadily improved.